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Skin care

Advice - Skincare

How you look after your skin and the level of care you give to it largely depends on your particular skin type, but here are the basic principles to follow for healthier, more radiant skin.

Drink water
  • Aim for between 1½ - 2 litres every day
  • Water re-hydrates the cells and clarifies the skin by purifying the liver
  • If you can’t drink that much water, prepare fresh vegetable juice which is full of nutrients and a great method for improving overall skin health
  • Lubricate your skin from within. You can’t cut fat out of your diet entirely, and your body needs Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) but cannot manufacture them itself
  • EFA-rich foods include oily fish, fresh tuna, olive oil, sunflower seeds and organic milk
  • Ensure your diet is balanced and healthy
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain rice, bread and pasta
  • Eat some dairy along with protein-rich meat, fish and eggs
  • Try to eat foods low in fat – especially saturated fat – salt and sugars.
Health & Well being
  • Aim for approximately 7½ - 8 hours sleep a night
  • Try to exercise regularly, either at the gym or by walking or running
  • Exercise tones the muscles and keeps the skin taught and fresh
  • Activities such as dancing provide exercise, but also give a general feeling of well being
Smoking & Drinking
  • Reduce your tobacco intake or quit smoking altogether
  • Smoking is a predominant trigger in cancers, skin conditions, cardiovascular and chronic lung diseases
  • Help is widely available in the form of advice, patches, gum etc. for those serious about stopping smoking
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
  • The NHS and Department of Health advise men to drink up to 21 units of alcohol a week, and women up to 14 units. 21 units is approximately 11 pints of lager, and 14 units equates to 14 small glasses of wine.