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Face Care

Advice – Face Care

Taking good care of your face and neck should be part of everybody’s daily routine. Ensure you choose products that suit both your lifestyle and skin type but the physical and mental benefits of having radiant, healthy skin will soon become obvious.

  • Cleanse – Clean with cleansing milk to suit your skin type or a facial wash for those who prefer water. Remove with damp cotton wool or splash with water. Don’t forget to cleanse your neck.
  • Toner – Use the appropriate toner to suit your skin type. This will remove the remaining traces of cleanser and blot with a soft towel.
  • Eye Creams & Gels – Help to smooth out fine lines, reduce dark circles and hydrate the delicate area around the eyes. Gels are more specifically for puffy eyelids. Apply small dots around the eye contour and gently tap with fingertips.
  • Moisturiser – Use a moisturiser that suits your particular skin type and apply it using gentle strokes over the face, being careful to avoid the eye area.
  • Neck Cream – Neck cream differs from moisturisers in that while moisturisers are fine to use on both the face and neck, neck creams usually contain firming agents. Apply the cream using upward or outward strokes on the neck.
  • Eye Makeup Remover – Gently take off your eye makeup using damp cotton wool pads using gentle movements. Don’t rub the eyes.
  • Cleanse – A good cleansing milk will remove all excess make up and thoroughly clean the skin. Remove using as many damp cotton wool pads as necessary. You can use the same cleanser from the morning routine.
  • Toner – Use toner as you would in the morning but ensure all the cleanser and traces of makeup you may have missed are removed.
  • Eye Creams & Gels – Use in the same way as you do in the morning.
  • Night Cream – Your night cream may well be the same moisturiser you use in the morning, alternatively you may use a cream designed for use specifically at night. Apply it in the same way as the morning skincare routine.
  • Neck Cream – Apply in the same way as you would in the morning.
Mini Home Facial – Once a week
  • Cleanse – make sure the skin is thoroughly clean and remove all traces of makeup.
  • Tone – Use toner as you would normally and blot dry.
  • Exfoliate – Use a gentle peel or scrub, exfoliate the face following the instructions
  • Steam – Put a towel over your head and hold your face over a bowl of hot water for 5-10 minutes and then blot dry with a soft towel.
  • Mask – Use a mask suitable for your skin type and follow all the instructions carefully, including those dealing with the removal.
  • Tone – This will remove all traces of the mask.
  • Day/Night/Neck Cream – Finish the facial with your usual moisturisers.